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The Education and Research Center for Biological Resources within the Faculty of Life and Environmental Science consists of three Departments, i.e., Forest Science, Agricultural Science, and Marine Biological Science. Each department conducts characteristic educational research activities in outdoor facilities, includingforest, agricultural farmland, and a marine biological station. Our institution engages in academic, specialized, and practical applied educational areas relating to forested woodlands, cultivated agricultural land, and the sea.

Aim of the Center

The Education and Research Center for Biological Resources seeks to enable the symbiotic and harmonious relationship between humans and nature as an educational and research institution, regarding prevention of the exhaustion of biological elements or the destruction of the natural environment, through practical educational research on the comprehensive understanding of "forests", "agricultural lands", and "the sea".

Relationship with local communities

Our Center holds a variety of public events for greater appreciation and knowledge of our activities within the community.

●Open Lectures

Various public lectures offer field experience and activities.


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●Open Projects

Forests for education and research open to the public
Scheduled viewing of cherry trees
Autumn farm festival

●Products available to public

Green tea (sen-cha), coarse tea (ban-cha), tomato juice, tomatoes jams (strawberry, blueberry, etc.), sweetpotatoes, grapes, persimmons, etc.

Forest Science Section

The aim is integration between the blessings of forests and life of humans.
We conduct education and research on forestry and forest products for the maximum sustainable growth and yield, as well as on the protection of the natural environment of forests located in the upriver districts of the basin biological ecological system.


Sambe Forest, Hikimi Forest, Matsue Forest


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Agricultural Science Section

We conduct education and research on agricultural production directed toward the promotion and realization of farming which contributes both to the local community and to an improved quality of life for the people within that community.


Honjo Farmlands, Jinzai Farmlands


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Marine Biological Science Section

We engage inempirical and practical education and research in applied marine biological science, as well as fundamental education and research in marine biological science.


Oki Marine Biological Station


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