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Food Science Laboratory (Tsurunaga Lab.)

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Introduction to Tsurunaga Laboratory

Welcome to “Food Science Laboratory (Tsurunaga Lab)”

Faculty of Education, Shimane University
Associate Professor Yoko Tsurunaga, Ph.D

Yoko Tsurunagai

In food, there are three functionalities (First: nourishment, Second: preference, biological regulation). In the food science laboratory, it aims to make the best use of those functionalities that the food material possesses to its maximum by cooking and the processing technology. Especially it pays attention about the antioxidative. The technology of "Cook", "Food processing", and "Analysis" are used as a studying method. It doesn't restrict to academic conference presentation and the publication of the article, and the technological development that can be put to practical use is researched aiming. Let's research together in one and the food science laboratory who with the interest in the food.

The followings are concrete research themes in which Tsurunaga Laboratory is engaged.

Tsurunaga Laboratory wholeheartedly welcomes those keenly interested in research and those seeking admission to the laboratory at an undergraduate level or a graduate level.

Associate professor Yoko Tsurunaga’s Profile


2006: Ph.D. in agriculture from Tottori University.

Professional Positions

1996: Shimane agricultural technology center. Principal investigator

2008: Hiroshima Bunkyo Women’s University, Faculity of Human Science. Associate Professor

2010: Shimane University, Faculty of Education. Associate Professor


Faculty of Education, Shimane University, 1060, Nishikawatsu-cho, Matsue, Shimane, 690-8504, Japan

E-mail: ytsurunaga@edu.shimane-u.ac.jp